Personal Liability

Personal Liability

The greater your assets, the more important it is to have the best and most appropriate protection in place to cover your risks. Liability insurance is that protection. If you or any member of your family causes injury to another or their property, Liability Insurance will cover those damages.

If a visitor to your home trips on a toy and falls on your stairs and injures themselves or your kids are playing ball in the yard and one goes through a neighbors window and breaks a valuable piece of art, you are liable for the damages.

Personal liability insurance covers the cost of defense should you be sued and will pay the levied fine to the injured party – up to the liability limits.

Trusted Insurance Partners LLC offers liability protection for bodily injury and damages to property.

Coverage options to consider:

  • Excess liability limits
  • Underlying Limits
  • Excess Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Not-for-Profit D&O coverage
  • Personal Employee Practices Liability
  • Group Personal Excess

Included in Liability Insurance is Medical Payments for personal injury to another. If a visitor to your home/property is injured in an accident, your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the medical expenses.

It doesn’t matter whether you are legally responsible or not.

Personal Liability Insurance is also called “Third Party Insurance” since it provides protection for you and your family should a third party sue you.

The insurance will cover your legal defense and pay out any medical and/or property damage claims that you are judged to be legally responsible for – up to the limits of liability of the policy.

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